Public Relations

Reputation enhancement. Reputation management. Reputation protection. These core principles go to the very heart of public relations.

At Macca Media, we understand that a client's reputation and integrity is sacrosanct and must be represented with the utmost integrity in the public arena.

With over 20 years experience in both print and broadcast media, managing director Paul McCarthy knows the importance of carefully managing what a client does and says and, most importantly, what others are saying about them

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Media training

In an age of instant media exposure and reaction, the smallest mistake can cause the biggest problems.

An awareness of the traps that so many people in the public eye can fall into is essential.

At Macca Media, we have devised a training programme that covers print, broadcast and online media and the subtle tricks of the trade needed to avoid embarrassment when faced with a reporter's tape recorder or staring down the lens of a television camera.

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Crisis Management

Nobody envisages the day when they or their company are caught in the media's crosshair and there seems no escape.

But if you are prepared for that very situation, you'll always have an important weapon in your armoury.

Macca Media provides an effective crisis management strategy headed up personally by managing director, Paul McCarthy, whose insight into the way journalists and the media work and react is vital.

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