A new approach to Media Consultancy and PR

Macca Media is the new, fresh face of media consultancy designed to cater for every PR, press and image requirement of its clients. Managing Director Paul McCarthy has over 25 years of experience in top class journalism and broadcasting and is uniquely positioned to advise on press and media relations.

As the former Sports Editor of the News of the World, Paul not only dealt with cutting edge journalism but played a leading role in all the key commercial, marketing and advertising decisions at the paper.

In a career spanning more than two decades at the top of sports journalism, Paul's contacts within the industry are unrivalled and he has worked closely with the Premier League and FA as well as some of sport's biggest sponsors including Barclays.

Macca Media will utilise Paul's experience and expertise in both the journalistic and commercial sectors, positioning its clients within the media and bringing the broadest exposure for sports sponsors and brands.

There will, of course, be times when a client requires a degree of crisis management. Having witnessed from 'inside' the often voracious appetite of the media, Paul has a unique insight in how to manage those demands and expectations.

Clients can rest assured they are receiving advice based on first-hand experience and absolute integrity.