Media training

In an age of instant media exposure and reaction, the smallest mistake can cause the biggest problems.

An awareness of the traps that so many people in the public eye can fall into is essential. At Macca Media, we have devised a training programme that covers print, broadcast and online media and the subtle tricks of the trade needed to avoid embarrassment when faced with a reporter’s tape recorder or staring down the lens of a television camera.

With his 27-year experience in print and broadcast journalism, Paul McCarthy has witnessed just about every mistake it’s possible to make when being interviewed or photographed. He is perfectly placed to teach, instruct and caution clients when faced with the media and the etiquette it requires.

Macca Media’s programme also includes a section on the best use of social networking, from a Facebook profile that enhances a client’s image to how to avoid the inadvertent Tweet which can trigger a media storm.

Over the years, Paul has been asked by many Premier League football clubs to advise on media training. His journalism background makes him the ideal person to point out the pitfalls that can beset clients.