Crisis Management

Nobody envisages the day when they or their company are caught in the media’s crosshair and there seems no escape. But if you are prepared for that very situation, you’ll always have an important weapon in your armoury.

Macca Media provides an effective crisis management strategy headed up personally by managing director, Paul McCarthy, whose insight into the way journalists and the media work and react is vital.

As sports editor on the News of the World, Paul oversaw some of the biggest stories that sent shock waves through the sporting world. His experience in handling those stories from a journalistic stand-point means that he is superbly qualified to advise clients on how a potentially damaging story can be managed and controlled.

Often it is less about the crisis itself and more about the way the situation is handled. With a calm head and a peerless contacts book, Paul can advise on a strategy to safely negotiate any media minefield and crisis situations.